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Winter Horse Feeding

February 4, 2022

In this episode, Sarah discusses her top tips for the best winter horse feeding.

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How do you make sure your horse has the right balance of nutrients to keep them healthy and active throughout the long dark winter months?

How do you ensure the right amount of calories keeps your horse at the right weight?

Calories are often the easy part of horse feeding but how do you know what nutrients and at what level they are needed in the daily diet to protect the health of skin, hooves, and maintain optimum horse health?

There are many horse supplements on the market but choosing which one will give your horse the winter minerals and vitamins it needs can be confusing. Sarah discusses ten ways to know what nutrients are best to focus on for the healthiest horse in winter.

Sarah Braithwaite is the founder and owner of Forageplus with thousands of hours of horse time and horse study under her belt.  She set up Forageplus in 2010. It is now the go-to horse feed company, throughout Europe, specialising in scientific analysis of grass, hay, haylage, water and soil for horses.  Forageplus operates a forage focused horse supplement feeding approach to achieve optimum health for all horses.

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