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Summer Horse Feeding

July 2, 2021

When summer arrives, we love our horses having more grazing time with the sun on their backs. In this episode, Sarah Braithwaite discusses a horse supplement approach that starts with the grass your horse will be eating over the summer period and answers the question “What is the best feed for horses when they are in the field”?

Regardless of how well cared for your pasture is there will always be low levels of certain nutrients which over time can cause insufficiency and even full-blown deficiencies.  Understanding how to address this through the summer months will keep your horse healthy, happy and more resilient.

Sarah is the founder and owner of Forageplus with thousands of hours of horse time and horse study under her belt.  She set up Forageplus in 2010. It is now the go-to horse feed company, throughout Europe, specialising in scientific analysis of forage, water and soil for horses and forage focused horse supplement feeding.  

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