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Feeding the Young Horse

December 1, 2021

There is nothing more exciting than having a young horse to train and bring on. The wonderful journey of developing a trusting relationship and the fun and satisfaction to be had from being involved in a young horse's development is what horsemanship and the equestrian life is all about.

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In this episode, Sarah Braithwaite unpacks information on feeding young horses so you can discover exactly how to feed a young horse while it is growing up. Sarah gives advice for a carefully planned approach and answers the question "How do you address nutritional requirements to supply adequate protein and the vitamins and minerals needed to build a healthy, strong and robust body? Just what is the best way to achieve growth for a strong, resilient adult horse who will be with you for many years of fun?"

Sarah is the founder and owner of Forageplus with thousands of hours of horse time and horse study under her belt.  She set up Forageplus in 2010. It is now the go-to horse feed company, throughout Europe, specialising in scientific analysis of grass, hay, haylage, water and soil for horses.  Forageplus operates a forage focused horse supplement feeding approach to achieve optimum health for all horses.

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