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Electrolytes for Horses

December 1, 2021

In this episode, Sarah Braithwaite discusses how to understand what levels of the electrolyte minerals you need to feed to horses. Electrolyte supplements for horses are important when a horse sweats or eats forage that is short of electrolyte minerals.

Download a FREE PDF booklet of this information and store it for the future or give it to a friend with who you eat, sleep and breathe horse with.

Getting levels right as matched to the grass, hay or haylage your horse eats can mean you can avoid a horse tying up or just being very lethargic. The more activity your horse does, the more your horse loses electrolytes through sweating the more crucial it becomes to get electrolytes right in your horses daily diet.

So how is it best to support your horse with the electrolyte minerals needed? What are electrolyte minerals? Do you need an electrolyte supplement for your horse and why pay attention to the amounts in your grass and hay?

Sarah is the founder and owner of Forageplus with thousands of hours of horse time and horse study under her belt.  She set up Forageplus in 2010. It is now the go-to horse feed company, throughout Europe, specialising in scientific analysis of grass, hay, haylage, water and soil for horses.  Forageplus operates a forage focused horse supplement feeding approach to achieve optimum health for all horses.

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